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Kimberly Carrell, 36, of Troup, Texas is proud of her orange 2010 Dodge Challenger that she turned into a modern-day replica of the car named General Lee from the television show “The Dukes of Hazzard.” 

Carrell remembers watching “The Dukes of Hazzard” starting around age 4 or 5 when it came on television Saturday nights.

"What I liked about the Dukes of Hazzard so much was that it was a family show. I can remember my mom, dad, brother and myself watching it on Saturday nights. Besides, I thought Luke Duke was so cute."

When Carrell bought the car her husband had no idea that her intent was to turn it into a piece of nostalgia on wheels. When he helped her purchase half of the car wrap from The Tyler Wrap Company, it was just in time for the car to be her perfect Mother’s Day present. 

"I love driving my car because everywhere I go people recognize the car as the General Lee. Being from the country everyone watched the show and remembered being just a good ol’ boy just trying to make it the best way we know how. Same as know a days. The car is fast and has a lot of muscle behind it, which makes it fun."

To add to the fun just a little more, Carrell’s husband bought her a ‘70s style racing helmet with the Confederate flag design on it to match the car. He also helped install a car horn that plays the same “Dixie” tone as on the T.V. show. They purchased it on 

"My kids love the car because it’s loud when it revs up, and it’s orange. It  makes me feel good that I can bring some nostalgia back and guys are surprised that it is a girl driving that car."

Ryan Benedict, 30, of Rusk, owns a 2000 Dodge Ram he dropped the body and painted gold and black flames with blue pin striping. The interior features shade and vinyl seats and an iPad mount. It also has American racing wheels and a DAD subwoofer from JMH Audio Concepts. It took Benedict three years to build the truck. Benedict is a member of the Texas chapter of the Severed Ties car club.